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This form should only be submitted ONCE. It is not required to complete the form for each transcript submitted.

    1.   Please complete all items. Students may complete and submit form online. Forms are also available at student service sites at Taylorsville Redwood, South City and Jordan campuses.
    2.   Students are responsible for contacting all appropriate institutions, agencies and/or organizations to request official transcripts be sent directly to Salt Lake Community College Office of the Registrar and Academic Records. Opened or faxed transcripts are unofficial and will not be accepted by SLCC. Students with transcripts from foreign institutions must consult the following form online:
    3.   Students may be asked to provide the catalog or course descriptions from each out-of-state institution.
Students must be matriculated (degree seeking) at Salt Lake Community College for a complete evaluation. Transcript evaluations will be processed in approximately four weeks upon receipt of official transcripts and this request form. This process may take longer during peak registration periods.


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Please list all institutions from which we should expect transcripts, including colleges, military units, Advanced Placement tests, CLEP tests, etc.

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Transcripts/Courses will be evaluated for the degree and area of study you listed on your college application.**

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  1. If you applied to SLCC as a non-degree seeking student and are transferring credit to fulfill a prerequisite - you MUST complete this section.
  2. If you applied to SLCC as a degree-seeking student, a full evaluation will be completed. It is not necessary to list coursework.
List Course(s) Requested at SLCC - (i.e. CHEM 1210, BIOL 2320/2325, ENGL 2010). It is important that you are aware of the prerequisites for every SLCC course. Please review the college catalog at to review the prerequisites for each course.

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