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Salt Lake Community College

Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Discrimination Intake Form - Employee

Office of EEO


First Name:
Last Name:
S Number:
Preferred Pronouns:
Zip Code:
Work Phone:
Preferred Email Address:
Home / Cell Phone:
* This is a Discrimination/Harassment Complaint. (Please refer to SLCC Policy Chapter 2, 1.11; 1.12.) Nature of complaint - please check applicable issue(s):

What SLCC Campus(es) did this incident occur?:
* Name or Description of Responding Party (person you are making the complaint about):
Title, department and telephone number of Responding Party:
(If there is more than one Responding Party, please use the following lines to give their information.)
* Please provide a brief description of the event(s) that led to this complaint:
(Please attach a file containing a detailed description. Use names, places, and/or dates when possible.)

Name of Witness(s): Please list anyone who was present during the incident or may have information.

Phone Number:
Phone Number:

Please attach any relevant supporting document(s) including the detailed description:

Have you reported this incident to anyone at SLCC? If yes, please provide names or departments:
If you have tried to resolve this through your supervisor, please explain the results:

I have read and understand the following:

  1. I affirm I have given the above information in good faith and it is true to the best of my knowledge.
  2. I understand at any time I have the right to file a complaint with an outside state/federal agency, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Utah Anti-Discrimination and Labor Division, or pursue a remedy in a Court of Law.
  3. I understand the EEO Department is not an advocate for either party. The EEO Department adheres to the processes prescribed in this policy, investigates when necessary, and safeguards the rights and due process of those involved.
  4. The SLCC EEO Department, (801) 957-4561, will assist you if you have questions or concerns about the process or your employment rights.
  5. I understand all official communication will be through Bruin Mail or SLCC Mail. It is my responsibility to check Bruin Mail and SLCC Mail for updates on this case.

Date: 8/7/2022

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